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More Course Design Tips!

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Here are a few tips shared with faculty in September-October 2022.

Universal Design for Learning

Helen Graves from CVC-OEI provides an overview of Universal Design for Learning in a 5-minute video: The most effective ways to eliminate barriers to students’ learning.

Quick Video Tips for Increasing Engagement

The San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) hosted an Online Summit in October. Sessions were recorded and can be viewed on their OnDemand PD website. I recommend watching the workshop about video tips – the presenter shared many great examples!

New Analytics in Canvas

You can get a lot of data about your students and how they engage with your course using the functions in New Analytics. Professor at Consumnes River college, and @ONE course facilitator, Greg Beyrer created a video describing how to get and use data from New Analytics.

Explore the Yuba College Course Design Forum

The Course Design Forum is a Canvas shell containing collections of resources organized in modules. Even if you miss a live flex workshop, the modules provide resources and information for on-demand professional learning. For example, the “Hands on with HTML: simple design elements for Canvas pages” provides examples and an instructor guide. You might also check out the self-paced PlayPosit module to learn how to make interactive videos.

This fall I’ve hosted a series of Online Learning Quick-talks. Each session has resources and some sessions were recorded. Check out the quick-talks archive.


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