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March Course Design Tips

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Yuba College DE training and support is provided by Cynthia Sargent and Maris Wagener.
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Here are two tips we shared with faculty in March

Course Design Tip #1: Providing support for working with course materials

OEI Rubric criterion A9 reads, “Course design includes instructions for learners to work with content in meaningful ways.” An exemplary online course embeds instructions with the content. 

Learn more from English faculty member Greg Kemble, in his 2.5 minute video demonstration. We appreciate Greg providing his insight with this “under the hood” screencast explanation of A9. 

Also consider this guidance from the CVC-OEI Course Design Resources: “Even though Canvas allows it, linking directly to external content (documents, websites, videos, PowerPoints) within a module does not support alignment since it doesn’t allow for necessary contextual instructions. Best practice is to embed the resource on a Canvas page so you can provide students with introductory information the same way you’d do in your face-to-face class.”

Explore additional resources about criterion A9 and Canvas pages. And, consider registering for our Pages flex workshop in April.

Course Design Tip #2: Engage Students in your synchronous online classes

Each online teaching modality has its challenges. In this course design tip we’re providing resources to help you bring more fun and engagement into your live teaching sessions on zoom.


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