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September Course Design Tips

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Yuba College DE training and support is provided by Cynthia Sargent and Maris Wagener. Reach out to us any time through email!

Here are two tips we shared with faculty in September.

Course Design Tip #1: Humanize a course with video

Videos are not just for lectures. Three great ways to incorporate video into asynchronous courses include: weekly overview videos, a “course tour” screencast, or providing some students feedback via video for assignments or in discussions. You have many recording options: Canvas Studio, a cell phone or tablet, Zoom, Screencast-o-Matic, or even Camtasia. 

Course Design Tip #2: Minimize Cognitive Load

Students appreciate a course that is organized, well designed and consistent. This allows them to concentrate on learning subject matter rather than continually trying to understand how the course itself works.

  • Watch this fun, brief video outlining cognitive overload and ways to prevent it.
  • Want to talk more about course design to ease cognitive load? Contact Maris!

OEI Course Design Rubric Connections

The OEI rubric is a great tool in designing your online courses. If you aren’t familiar with it, take a look. Aligning with the OEI rubric will help both you and your students. Today’s tips can help you meet criteria A4-A9 and B2.


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